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Best color grading presets (LUTs) for Adobe Premiere Pro and AE in 2021

When the best clips are selected and the biggest part of editing is done, it is time for color grading! Often underestimated, color grading is a very important step in video editing.


When the best clips are selected and the biggest part of editing is done, it is time for color grading! Often underestimated, color grading is a very important step in video editing since it can majorly determine the mood and atmosphere of your shot. Along with the music, it can help you to deliver context for your video, whether you want it to look dark and suspenseful or cheerful and bright.

It has already become a meme, how creators of the major Hollywood movies differentiate countries with a specific color palette. Whenever the setting is in Mexico, the colours become warm and very yellow, while scenes in Russia look very cold with blue and grey patterns. Here is the overview of how one shot can look if it is used to represent different countries.

Of course, every master has her color grading techniques, and all the features can be customized manually. Though, for the quick fix, it can make sense to use presets - pre-made filters for videos. In this blog post, we will overview the trendiest presets in 2021 for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, so make room on your computer for new edits of your creations! And there is even more good news - all of these LUTS are free.

More than 30 Free Luts

These LUTS will cover most of the basic needs. In this set, you will find a few cinematic and vintage options, as well as more creative ones. Our personal favourites are Azrael 93 and Django 25, both of LUTs create a very cinematographic and professional look, without making a picture too saturated.

B&W (and many other) LUTs

Another popular look is the B&W pallet, washing off all the colours from your video. It may seem that colour correction is not needed once there are no tones, but it is definitely not so. Even simple variations of grey can be very diverse, and it is definitely worth checking B&W LUTs. Here, we've got 10 presets that will come in handy. Our personal favourite is BW4 that creates a rather smooth, not contrasted image.

The most cinematic presets

If you are looking for the most cinematic look, you should definitely check this preset pack. It is a great finding among the free presets that will give your videos that Hollywood look. It also includes two options for a popular orange & teal style. We personally couldn’t select a favourite LUT within 8 options in this pack. So check it out for yourself!

Other cool LUTs sets

There is a great selection of other sets across the Internet, but here you can find some of the coolest that will become a perfect fit for specifically your video.

This example is from the set PremierBro where the authors also offer cinematic looks if you fancy this style for your videos.

How-to upload LUTs to Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects?

So once you have selected the preset, the time is to download and apply your LUT. To do it proceed to your Finder, and then Applications. Then right-click on the Adobe AE or PP, and select Show Package Contents.

Then go to the Content folder →  then Lumetri → and finally to the folder LUTs. After that double click on folder Creative.

Once you are there, unzip your preset file. Select all the presets (they will be in .cube format most of the time) and copy-paste them to the folder Creative.

And you are done! Next time you will be opening the Premiere Pro or After Effects, your presets will be at the tips of your fingers. You can find them at the Lumetri Colors effect tab.

Happy editing!



Veronika is part of RenderThat community management team, writing about hints and tricks for artists in her free time.