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Black viewport in 3Ds Max 2019

A simple viewport trick to get you back to work in 3ds Max 2019.


First things first, let's figure out what a viewport is.

By default, four viewports are opened in the 3ds Max window. There are two different types called perspective and orthogonal. The bottom right displays a perspective view, while the other three are orthographic. The type is written at the top left of the window. In addition, the type of displayed surfaces is indicated at the top left of the viewport. By default, 3D objects in the perspective window have a realistic surface type, and in Orthogonal viewports, the objects are displayed in wireframe, meaning the items are displayed in a grid.

The type of surface display is switched using the F3 key, pressing it changes the Wireframe surface to Realistic and vice versa.

The realistic + edged faces mode is considered the most convenient for work. You can switch to it only from the realistic mode by pressing the F4 key.

The figure below shows these three surface display modes, from top to bottom Wireframe, Realistic, Realistic + Edged Faces.

But sometimes you might open 3Ds Max and notice that the viewport is black. It’s not a problem. You can easily fix this.

First, open Customize Preferences.

Choose Gamma and LUT and check the box on Enable Gamma/LUT Correction.

It's as easy as that!



Mary is a CG artist for 3+ years living in Ukraine. In her free time, she enjoys horse riding, specifically show jumping, creative makeup, fast cars and nature photography.