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Hottest Styles in Design in 2021

A close look into the hottest styles in product design, and which looks will be trendy in 2022.


The time has come to explore more styles! In our last post on this topic, we explored Minimalism, Vaporwave, and Art Nouveau, and now we continue with a few more designs. In this blog post, we will look closer at the styles in product design, which looks will be trendy in 2022, and why.

So let’s dive right into the plunge!

Nature-inspired Design

Quarantine influenced everyone across the globe and design trends are not an exception. Many of us are tired of seeing the same walls for almost a year and have had very little time outside, so designers have decided to bring nature to us - product packaging, website designs, and fonts among other things. We can say for sure that the outside world is making its way inside now.

The textures of wood and stone, elements of leaves, berries, and a widespread presence of green are some of the major go-to designs this year. Furthermore, a natural look makes products look more environmentally friendly, which is more than desirable for the clients.

Similar to minimalism that we discussed last time, the natural design doesn’t require many elements or complicated features, it is all down to a familiar palette and simple elements of nature here and there. This design can be encountered the most in the illustrations for food, beverage, clothes, and other consumer products. Though, mighty designers have already found a place for nature in less expected places, in digital products, illustrations, and magazine covers.



Surrealism was in style for a long time, but it has gotten very special attention in 2021. We can still see the roots that were set by masterpieces of Rene Magret or Salvador Dali, but it is getting more digital and adapted for popular culture. Even more, the images created by collaging - combining pieces from different works that would be trivial in the usual setting, become surreal in the hands of masters. #Collageart has almost 6 million subscribers on Instagram, where many works lay between artistic expression, philosophy, and comedy. It is not so rare to see meme-like collages with satire on current topics.

At the core of the style is relaxed attention to drawing skills and focus on the idea. Many artists reuse old pictures, photos, and existing art by absurdly combining them. One of the hottest themes in surrealism is the cosmos, featuring far-away planets, dark galaxies, in combination with the scenes from our everyday life.


Pop-up and comics

There is another style that is getting popular again, or rather... it never died; pop-up or comics style. Heavy colourful fonts, grainy colours, and simply created elements - are true characteristics of this famous style. It reaches for the most heart-warming and nostalgic feelings for millennials and Gen X who enjoyed comics style during their childhood.

But what does it mean for the marketers and creators? The pop-up style can be very useful in the right hands. Such style can make the product stand out however, the company must be brave to go for such a bright and powerful design. But when done right, it truly shines. Its thick texture and beyond-flat shapes are very expressive and emotional, so use them with care!

And it goes without saying, that nothing of the said above applies to Comic Sans.

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Veronika is part of RenderThat community management team, writing about hints and tricks for artists in her free time.