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TOP 8 Websites with Free 3D Textures

don't spend hours looking for texturing, here are the best websites to use for free 3D Textures!


Every 3D artist needs high-quality textures that will convey the fullness of the colors and feelings of his art. To save your time, we have compiled the TOP 8 websites with stunning 3D textures that you can download absolutely free. In this article, we have compiled a short description of each resource and provided a direct link for your convenience. Whatever task you face, you will certainly find the 3D texture you need here. Well, let's start!

1. 3D Textures

And so, the first in our TOP 8 websites is 3D Textures, which is essentially a blog by 3D artist João Paulo from Portugal. It works mostly in Blender and creates free textures with multiple PBR maps. João Paulo created this website so that everyone can support his work. The library of free textures of this 3D artist won't surprise you with its size, but it has one very important feature that sets it apart from other similar ones - the textures are of really first-class quality, and each of them has a diffusion, normal, displacement, occlusion and reflections! I recommend visiting this website at the link below, as we move on.

2. 3DTotal

3D Total is a great website that has a great library of textures to offer you tutorial videos and a large gallery to inspire you to create something new and exciting. All submitted images are high resolution and, moreover, they are all royalty-free.

3. 3D Texture

Another great website where you can find a great library of 3D textures without paying a cent is 3dtexture. This website is similar to the above. It also has a wide selection of all kinds of textures, all of them are of good quality and very painstakingly grouped for your convenience, which will allow you not to spend a lot of time wandering around the Internet looking for textures, but to use that very time for your creativity.

4. Pixar One Twenty Eight

Library of textures, created back in 1993, when the idea of ​​"repeating textures" was so innovative that it became necessary to invent new methods and techniques for creating this kind of images. This texture pack has been completely redesigned and updated to meet modern standards and contains 128 textures from the unique Pixar animation studio. In it, you will find beautiful textures of bricks, various fabrics, fences, all kinds of soil, stones, exotic woods and much more. Everything, of course, is of first-class quality and what is called "must have!"

5. 3DXO

Even before this website appeared, the team's goal was and is to popularize 3D art. To fulfill this goal, this resource was created, revealing an incredible amount of high-quality 3D content to artists from all over the world. As the guys themselves say: "We don't want to be the largest, we want to be the best 3D resource." Also, the website has introduced the ability to evaluate content, which allows the 3D community to better navigate the vastness of the resource and greatly facilitates the search for the necessary textures. In addition, the website has a library of 3D models and stock photos.

6. Texturer

A creative resource for 3D artists with a very impressive set of high-resolution textures on board. All images on the website were captured by their own equipment. The website is regularly updated with new textures and for convenience, they are all sorted into categories.

7. Textures brings to your attention a pack of textures in the amount of 139,016 images of various fabrics, wood, metal, brick, plastic and more. These textures will help you bring your 3D scenes to life with ease.

Up to 15 textures are available every day. You can browse the texture by type or view the latest additions to the website. There is also a small set of tutorials that will help you. The website also has a subscription and credit system.

8. TurboSquid

The TurboSquid website is an excellent choice, as it contains a truly huge database of textures compared to other websites. But in addition to the base of textures, there is also an opportunity to find and download the 3D models you need. The presence of 3D models on this website makes it more universal for users, because if necessary, you can find everything in one place, which also makes it possible to more effectively manage your time, which is good news. In addition to the sorting filters we are used to, there is also a compatibility check with your software.

I really hope that this article will help you significantly save your time searching for the textures you need. Write to us and let us know what you think and let us know what other article topics you want to see!

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Daria is a fulltime artist with 5+ years of experience, based in Russia. In her free time she likes to paint.